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RazzieAwardAs I say every year, the only film awards that are bestowed strictly on merit are the ones handed out by the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation, better known as The Razzies.  This valuable public service created and still run by Head Berry John Wilson gives a resounding smack to all those awful films that wasted our time and our money.  And because Wilson believes in playing fair, the pool of possible winners (a term we use loosely), the only flicks eligible are the ones that, putatively, had the budget and the talent to make a good film, instead of the dreck that defiled silver screens across the country.

For our annual interview ahead of the 39th Razzies, Wilson and I talked returning Razzie favorites, the Oscar(tm)-winner that appeared among the nominees for the first time, and that most wonderful of coincidences, when a Razzie nominee is also up for an Oscar(tm).  Enjoy. Click here for the official Razzie announcement of this year’s winners.

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