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Farewell, Robert Osborne

I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with TCM‘s Robert Osborne twice, and each time it was a learning experience from someone whose knowledge of movies was nothing less than phenomenal, … Continue reading

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Mike Birbiglia’s Teachable Moment

  Mike Birbiglia’s new film, DON’T THINK TWICE, won’t hit theaters until August 5, but for those in Northern California, there will be a screening at the Rafael Film Center on … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali didn’t need to tell us that he was, is, and always will be The Greatest. There was the prowess in the ring, and his principled stand against the war … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night — The Friday the 13th Edition

  Is there a better way to ward off any putative bad mojo from Friday the 13th than by chatting with the divine Maureen Langan, host of Hangin’ with Langan on … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night — The Valentine’s Day Edition

There were many cinema options for Valentine’s Day 2016, but as I told the divine Maureen Langan on KGO-AM radio, my pick was  the latest big-screen offering from the Marvel … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night 2/1/16

Ushering in both February and the Year of the Monkey, I joined KGO Radio‘s divine Maureen Langan to talk film, film festivals, questionable casting decisions, and Susan Sarandon’s secondary sexual characteristics. That … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night 1/17/16

It’s always a pleasure to join the divine Maureen Langan to talk movies on her KGO-AM radio show here in San Francisco. For this installment, we relished the conspiracy theory … Continue reading

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Alan Rickman — Art and Politics and Wine

So little time with Alan Rickman when he was here for Bottle Shock in 2008 (interview here). I did, though, get in a question that mixed two things about which he … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night 12/28

For some reason, most of the film’s being released this holiday season are dour. From SON OF SAUL, which plunges the viewer into the horror and madness of Auschwitz at the … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night — The 11/1 Edition

Is there a better way to celebrate All Saints Day than chatting with KGO radio’s divine Maureen Langan?  I think not. Particularly when one of the topics was remembering the … Continue reading

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