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Vicente Amorim Believes in Justice

YAKUZA PRINCESS is not the first time that filmmaker Vicente Amorim has collaborated with graphic novelist Danilo Beyruth. That was MOTORRAD, a horror film about murderous bikers tracking a group of friends in a remote stretch of Brazil. In that one, Beyruth created the characters on which Amorim based his script. For PRINCESS, Amorim was adapting one of Beyruth’s graphic novels. In an, ahem, novel twist, Beyruth was writing the graphic novel, entitled Samurai Shiro, while Amorim was prepping the script. When I spoke to Amorim via Zoom on August 29, 2021, after PRINCESS’ screening at the Fantasia International Film Festival, I asked him about adapting (and sometimes having to change) something that his friend had created.

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