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Monthly Archives: April, 2014


It’s impossible to not acknowledge that BRICK MANSIONS is Paul Walker’s last completed film. It’s also impossible to not be wistful that this remake of DISTRICT B-13, a darn fine … Continue reading

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Marlon Wayans’ Mission to Make You Laugh

Stuff happens. It just does. And so it was when I talked to Marlon Wayans about A HAUNTED HOUSE 2. For some reason, my recording suite failed, and what should … Continue reading

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THE RAID 2: BERENDAL — Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais Interview

The one question writer/director Gareth Evans hates is the one about how a Welshman became the leading light of Indonesian cinema. So I didn’t ask. There was too much to … Continue reading

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OCULUS — All Terror, No Cliches

There are many good things to be said for OCULUS, first and foremost of which is that is terrifying. As much a psychological consideration of the powerlessness of childhood as … Continue reading

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Jonathan Glazer Goes UNDER THE SKIN

  Jonathan Glazer read the book on which he based UNDER THE SKIN exactly once before adapting Michael Faber’s novel of the same name. The result is a film that … Continue reading

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Nick Frost >IS< CUBAN FURY

They don’t always warn you about sequins when you start wearing costumes covered in them. Such was the case with Nick Frost, who became a salsero for his latest film, … Continue reading

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