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Monthly Archives: September, 2018

Marcello’s Greatest Hits

Here’s the challenge. Pick five films from the copious oeuvre of the legendary actor Marcello Mastroianni for a one-day tribute.  Of course there will be Fellini’s LA DOLCE VITA, with its … Continue reading

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Paul Feig is A Snappy Dresser

He also makes movies that are smart, funny, and pointed. Think BRIDEMAIDS and THE HEAT. Oh, and don’t forget.Freaks and Geeks, his television series starring, among others, Seth Rogan, James … Continue reading

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The Better Life of Demián Bichir

Click here for the interview with Demián Bichir and Chris Weitz for A BETTER LIFE. In 2003, the Mexican MTV Awards created a special category, Best Bichir in A Movie … Continue reading

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