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Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Taking to the Airwaves

When I’m not seeing movies, writing about movies, editing audio interviews about movies, I can sometimes be found talking about movies with the Divine Maureen Langan on San Francisco’s ABC … Continue reading

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Josh Wiggins and Kat Candler Prove He’s Only An Onscreen HELLION

If there were any doubts on my part about how talented an actor Josh Wiggins is, and there weren’t many after seeing his powerful performance in HELLION, they disappeared when I … Continue reading

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THE GREEN PRINCE won’t be released in this country until September. Based in part on the book Son of Hamas, by Mossab Hassan Yousef, it is a riveting, illuminating documentary … Continue reading

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AND SO IT GOES with Rob Reiner

I’ll admit it. There was something terrific about making Rob Reiner laugh. This is a man who grew up with Carl Reiner as his father, and Mel Brooks, one of … Continue reading

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Gabriel Iglesias is a funny man on stage, and in person, too, but in an interview he can also be reflective, and downright philosophical. That was the treat in store … Continue reading

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Richard Linklater Redefines BOYHOOD, and Cinema, Too.

Richard Linklater’s films can’t be easily pigeon-holed, and that’s because he surrenders to the driving force of an artistic compulsion, or as he put is when I spoke to him … Continue reading

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Jose Antonio Vargas: The UNDOCUMENTED AMERICAN Making More Headlines

  Jose Antonio Vargas came out of the immigration closet, as in going public about his undocumented status, in 2011. The Pulizter Prize-winning journalist was on the cover of magazines, … Continue reading

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TAMMY: Less Than The Sum of Its Parts

There is a reason that the trailers for TAMMY show star/co-writer/co-producer Melissa McCarthy at her manic best. Those are, without doubt, the best moments of the film. It’s not that … Continue reading

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CITIZEN KOCH — Carl Deal and Tia Lessin Interview

CITIZEN KOCH is a documentary with a backstory as compelling as the one on which it sheds light. Filmmakers Carl Deal and Tia Lessin discovered first-hand the power of behind-the-scenes … Continue reading

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