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Monthly Archives: June, 2014

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION — Proving Money Can’t Save A Bad Movie

Perhaps Michael Bay was worried that this might be the last Transformers movie ever, hence the “extinction” in the title, and, further hence, being the reason that he packed the … Continue reading

June 30, 2014 · 2 Comments

COHERENCE — Proving Money Isn’t What Makes Great Films

Theoretical physics made manifest along with the far less predictable, not to mention more volatile, laws of attraction coalesce in COHERENCE, one of the best science fiction films of the … Continue reading

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Rob Reiner Makes THE CASE AGAINST 8

When I spoke with renowned filmmaker Rob Reiner (A FEW GOOD MEN, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY) on June 20. 2014, it was the morning after his … Continue reading

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BLACKBIRD — Mo’Nique, Patrik-Ian Polk and Julian Walker Interview

One of the best movies you won’t see at the multiplex.

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JERSEY BOYS — John Lloyd Young, Michael Lomenda and Erich Bergen Interview

It would, perhaps, be more of a surprise if, in the course of an interview, no one from JERSEY BOYS did an impression of their co-star Christopher Walken. I may … Continue reading

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Paul Haggis Embraces Complexity in THIRD PERSON.

Paul Haggis was having a very good day. By a stroke of serendipity, or was it synchronicity?, he had been booked into a hotel that overlooks the location used as … Continue reading

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THE ROVER — David Michod Interview

I’d talked to David Michod before, for 2010’s ANIMAL KINGDOM, and was struck then, as now, at the contrast between the man and the filmmaker. Michod himself is a gregarious, upbeat … Continue reading

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 — Jay Baruchel, America Ferrara, Dean Deblois, and Bonnie Arnold Interview

Interviewing four people at once can be daunting when it comes to getting everyone to join in the conversation, but the gang from the Dreamworks animated film HOW TO TRAIN … Continue reading

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OBVIOUS CHILD — Jenny Slate and Gillian Robespierre

OBVIOUS CHILD began life as a short film by Gillian Robespierre, Anna Bean, and Karen Maine. The filmmaker suspected, though, that there was more to the story of Donna, a … Continue reading

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22 JUMP STREET: Jump for Joy

Schmidt and Jenko are back, and we should all rejoice. 22 JUMP STREET starts out every bit as funny as 21 JUMP STREET was, and then keeps upping its game. … Continue reading

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