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A Voice in the Night 1/17/16

MoonwalkersPosterIt’s always a pleasure to join the divine Maureen Langan to talk movies on her KGO-AM radio show here in San Francisco. For this installment, we relished the conspiracy theory about whether or not we actually saw astronauts walking on the moon in 1969, as addressed in the delightful NormOfTheNorthcomedy, MOONWALKERS, pondered Sylvester Stallone’s Golden Globe win for CREED,  set an age limit for the new animated film, NORM OF THE NORTH,  and recalled the film career of David Bowie with an additional shout-out to his son, Duncan Jones’ terrific film, MOON.  I also reminded people why Golden Globe winner MoonPosterfor Best Foreign Language film, SON OF SAUL, was not just another Holocaust movie, and recommended IP MAN 3 for its great Kung Fu action, and Mike Tyson speaking Chinese. SonOfSaulPoster

For this particular night’s entire show, including Mo chatting with SNL alum Ana Gasteyer, wine expert Carol Berman, and actor / writer /comic John Fugelsang, check out the podcast here.

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