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  • Perry Blackshear’s third feature film, WHEN I CONSUME YOU, will have its world premiere on August 18, 2021 followed by a virtual Q&A (details to attend virtually here). Darker than his previous films, THEY LOOK LIKE PEOPLE and THE SIREN, Blackshear’s latest is both visceral and cerebral as it follows Daphne and Will, played by Libby Ewin and Evan Dumouchel, a pair of siblings still dealing with the effects of an abusive childhood. The fragile peace that they have finally found as adults is disrupted by a stalker, played by MacLeod Andrews, forcing the two to take extreme action and violent revenge.

I’ll post the full interview with the four closer tot he film’s release, but for now, here is Blackshear on why he went so dark this time out.

And here Andrews talks about getting into character as a stalker with supernatural overtones.

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