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Michael Mayer on the Necessity of Art


Michael Mayer, San Francisco, CA 4/29/18

I say this without reservation. Michael Mayer’s adaptation of Anton Chekov’s THE SEAGULL is the best I have ever seen, and it is easily one of the best films of 2018, and not just because Annette Benning makes the vain and oblivious Irina an intriguingly complex character, nor because Elisabeth Moss’ tragi-comic turn as Masha is nothing short of breathtaking as she combines ferocity and vulnerability with flawless comic timing that reveals the depths of her character’s heartbreak..

When I spoke with the director on April 29. 2018, I asked him to expand on what he thought Chekov was saying about art in this tale of frustrated passions.  Full interview, including why Annette Benning makes everything possible,  is here.


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