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Silver Linings and Living the Dream

I have had many great answers over the years to my questions about the eternal struggle between art and commerce, but I have never gotten a better one about the importance of pursuing art in a bottom-line world than the one Matthew Quick gave me. It was in response to the inevitable question about why he would quit a secure teaching job to live in his in-laws’ basement in order to write the novel on which SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is based. Obviously it was a risk that payed off, though to hear Quick tell it, it was the writing, not the rewards, that he considers his greatest success.

When I spoke to Quick on February 1, 2013, he was in a suitably ebullient mood.  SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, the film, has proven to be an Oscar(tm) powerhouse with eight nominations, including the top four acting categories, as well as for best picture. Quick was amazed, delighted, and grateful for the recognition, and once we got past the obvious questions, such as the one about quitting his job, we moved on to more philosophical questions, such as the benefits living an examined life, the true meaning of success, being rejected over 70 times before landing at his dream publisher, and what it was like to get the phone call that changed his life.

Matthew Quick, San Francisco, CA 2/1/13

What came through in every syllable that Quick spoke was a man who has not forgotten either the good or the bad things that have brought him to this place, and a keen understanding that both are responsible for where he is today. You can listen to our conversation here.

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