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CHAPPIE is a cross between Pinicchio and ROBOCOP with a dash of DISTRICT 9.  That last is unsurprising because CHAPPIE is the brainchild of Niell Blomkamp, and many of the … Continue reading

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The Wachowskis know how to produce a spectacle. In that, they may very well be the cinematic heirs of Cecil B. DeMille, whose films featured showmanship of the highest caliber, … Continue reading

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After being delayed delayed half a year or so, PROJECT ALMANAC (aka WELCOME TO YESTERDAY and ALMANAC) has finally crept onto movie screens only to prove that waiting a year … Continue reading

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Jonathan Glazer Goes UNDER THE SKIN

  Jonathan Glazer read the book on which he based UNDER THE SKIN exactly once before adapting Michael Faber’s novel of the same name. The result is a film that … Continue reading

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ROBOCOP is a laudable rethinking of the 1987 original. Told in broad thematic strokes, it still harbors in its soul a fine dialectic on identity, humanity, and even the reality … Continue reading

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Everything Old Is New Again — STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS

The best speculative fiction is rooted firmly in reality. Though set in faraway lands, planets or time, it speaks, nonetheless, directly to the issues and emotions of its audience. Smart … Continue reading

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Love, Romance, and Fainting Spells on THE HOST with Max Irons and Jake Abel

After a while, stories about the hijinks on movie sets all begin to sound the same, but when Jake Abel (THE LOVELY BONES, PERCY JACKSON) mentioned that during the filming … Continue reading

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