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George Miller first sent Mad Max blazing across the sere post-apocalyptic landscape in 1979 and thence onto cinematic legend. Sequels followed. Mel Gibson in the eponymous role rose to international … Continue reading

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EX MACHINA and Alex Garland

One of Alex Garland’s goals in writing the script for his directorial debut, EX MACHINA, was to get the science right, even for subjects such as consciousness and artificial intelligence, … Continue reading

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The Wachowskis know how to produce a spectacle. In that, they may very well be the cinematic heirs of Cecil B. DeMille, whose films featured showmanship of the highest caliber, … Continue reading

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After being delayed delayed half a year or so, PROJECT ALMANAC (aka WELCOME TO YESTERDAY and ALMANAC) has finally crept onto movie screens only to prove that waiting a year … Continue reading

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TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION — Proving Money Can’t Save A Bad Movie

Perhaps Michael Bay was worried that this might be the last Transformers movie ever, hence the “extinction” in the title, and, further hence, being the reason that he packed the … Continue reading

June 30, 2014 · 2 Comments

COHERENCE — Proving Money Isn’t What Makes Great Films

Theoretical physics made manifest along with the far less predictable, not to mention more volatile, laws of attraction coalesce in COHERENCE, one of the best science fiction films of the … Continue reading

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EDGE OF TOMORROW & The Edge Of Your Seat

THE EDGE OF TOMORROW is everything a cracking good action/adventure/sci-fi film should be. Fluidly directed, ferociously acted, and intelligently written, it even takes the time to consider such lofty issues … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs of Jim Sturgess in UPSIDE DOWN.

Jim Sturgess doesn’t limit himself to one form of creative expression. A musician and an actor, he successfully combined the two in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, though us usually opts to … Continue reading

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