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A Voice in the Day 8/5/15

Many thanks to ace KGO-Radio reporter Brian Pelletier for asking me to weigh in on the lack of diversity in Hollywood for his piece on said subject that aired today! … Continue reading

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The Week in Interviews, 6/27

And I’m going to include two from last week, as well. Stephen Winter was blown away, as he should have been by Shirley Clarke’s groundbreaking 1966 documentary,PORTRAIT OF JASON, in … Continue reading

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Equality for ALL

SCOTUS has affirmed that we should all have the right to marry the person we love, and after dancing in the streets over the United States entering a more enlightened … Continue reading

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Alex Gibney has proven himself an able and engaging documentarian, bringing to light with films such as TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE, ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, and … Continue reading

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A Voice in the Night 2/22/15

I love it when I can hash out a big awards show with the divine Maureen Langan on KGO radio. This week, it was the mother of all awards shows, … Continue reading

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AND SO IT GOES with Rob Reiner

I’ll admit it. There was something terrific about making Rob Reiner laugh. This is a man who grew up with Carl Reiner as his father, and Mel Brooks, one of … Continue reading

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BLACKBIRD — Mo’Nique, Patrik-Ian Polk and Julian Walker Interview

One of the best movies you won’t see at the multiplex.

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KILL YOUR DARLINGS — John Krokidas Interview

John Krokidas took the job of researching the birth of the Beats for KILL YOUR DARLINGS very seriously, even going so far as to sneak into the apartment building where … Continue reading

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GOD LOVES UGANDA — Roger Ross Williams Interview

Roger Ross Williams knew he had to make a film about the influence of American evangelicals on the the culture, politics, and religion of Uganda, but it wasn’t until he … Continue reading

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H.P. Mendoza Is Delighted to Say I AM A GHOST

H.P. Mendoza doesn’t have nightmares. He thinks that getting the macabre out of his system by making I AM A GHOST got all that out of his system. The filmmaker, … Continue reading

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