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Male Bonding and Pre-Wedding Jitters in THE BACHELOR WEEKEND

THE BACHELOR WEEKEND (released as THE STAG in Ireland) is a dry and witty film about a perniciously obnoxious interloper whose presence wreaks havoc on the eponymous traditional Irish pre-wedding … Continue reading

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GODZILLA — The Big Guy’s Back

The big guy is back, and better than ever.  Certainly better than the dreary 2000 version. It’s a testament to GODZILLA, the monster and the franchise, that both are robust … Continue reading

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For A Very Good Reason

I have a penchant for getting philosophical about some films, and there was much in FOR NO GOOD REASON about which to be so. The subject, Ralph Steadman, made his name and his … Continue reading

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It has been said that some of our contemporary malaise stems from the fact that we have, as a culture, lost the traditional markers to separate childhood from adulthood. The … Continue reading

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FADING GIGOLO — John Turturro Interview

John Turturro has an almost preternatural eye for detail. It’s part of what fuels his performances is films as different as BARTON FINK and O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? for The … Continue reading

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THE RAID 2: BERENDAL — Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais Interview

The one question writer/director Gareth Evans hates is the one about how a Welshman became the leading light of Indonesian cinema. So I didn’t ask. There was too much to … Continue reading

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Nick Frost >IS< CUBAN FURY

They don’t always warn you about sequins when you start wearing costumes covered in them. Such was the case with Nick Frost, who became a salsero for his latest film, … Continue reading

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IF YOU BUILD IT — Emily Pilloton Interview

Making a life-changing decision is the result of many factors, but for Emily Pilliton, it was doorknobs. Trained in architecture and design, she found herself not changing the way the … Continue reading

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April is Not the Cruelest Month

At some point during the month of January I am moved to refute T.S. Eliot’s assertion that April is the cruelest month (“The Waste Land” 1922). He, of course, was … Continue reading

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SFIndie, Another Reason to Love San Francisco

SFIndieFest, celebrating its Sweet 16 with a prom. That is in addition to the annual Roller Disco Party, on February 7,  which precedes The Big Lebowski celebration of screening and Lebowski-themed … Continue reading

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