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Denny Tedesco Introduces THE WRECKING CREW

Denny Tedesco starting filming THE WRECKING CREW when his father, legendary studio musician Tommy Tedesco, was diagnosed with a terminal condition in 1996. He gathered other members what came to … Continue reading

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Alex Gibney has proven himself an able and engaging documentarian, bringing to light with films such as TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE, ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, and … Continue reading

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Marjorie Sturm Explores THE CULT OF JT LEROY

The way people collude in being conned has always fascinated me. Hence, when a documentary like Marjorie Sturm’s THE CULT OF JT LEROY comes along, I am immediately interested. The … Continue reading

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LITTLE WHITE LIE — Lacey and Peggy Schwartz

Lacey Schwartz wasn’t going to direct the documentary about her life growing up in a Jewish family and discovering that her dark skin wasn’t the result of a Sicilian ancestry, … Continue reading

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There are many lessons to be drawn from SECOND OPINION: LAETRILE AT SLOAN-KETTERING, not the least of which is that science and money make for an uneasy relationship. There are … Continue reading

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THE OVERNIGHTERS — Jesse Moss Interview

Jesse Moss didn’t go to North Dakota to make a film about homeless problem that the oil boom brought with it. But when he heard about Pastor Jay Reinke’s program … Continue reading

October 31, 2014 · 1 Comment

Laura Poitras and CITIZENFOUR

Laura Poitras was hoarse the day I interviewed her for CITIZENFOUR. Her remarkable eye-witness documentary about Edward Snowden leaking NSA secrets to the press resulted in everyone wanting to talk to her.  When we … Continue reading

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Kevin Gordon’s TRUE SON

One lesson Kevin Gordon learned while making TRUE SON is that documentary filmmakers cannot be everywhere at once. He explained to me the one shot he most regretted missing when we spoke … Continue reading

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THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC — Chris Strachwitz, Chris Simon, & Maureen Gosling Interview

I had many questions for Chris Strachwitz, subject of THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC and founder of Arhoolie Records. Born into German nobility, he and his family fled post-war Europe … Continue reading

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THE GREEN PRINCE — Nadav Schirman, Mossab Hassan Yousef, and Gonen Ben Yitzak Interview

When THE GREEN PRINCE made its west coast debut at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival on July 24, 2014, no one in the audience knew that the subjects of … Continue reading

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