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You Bet They’re ASKING FOR IT

  The word subversive gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to ASKING FOR IT, there is no better way to describe this very black and astringent comedy.  … Continue reading

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What You Should Be Watching 6/13

Since its initial publication in 1933, Vera Britain’s TESTAMENT OF YOUTH has never been out of print, and the film version is a sterling adaptation of that memoir of World … Continue reading

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A Cold Reception for HOT PURSUIT

If anyone could have saved HOT PURSUIT, it would have been Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Aside from having scads of talent and audience appeal, they both have a keen … Continue reading

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Noah Baumbach Makes Hay WHILE WE’RE YOUNG

Noah Baumbach took a bold step in writing and directing WHILE WE’RE YOUNG. He decided not to take sides when telling this tale of youthful impatience and adult complacence meeting … Continue reading

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And so in UNFINISHED BUSINESS, THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT discovers that business as usual in the 21st century is less about facing the difficulties of conformity than … Continue reading

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There are, to be sure, the usual tropes of high school angst and triumph to be found in THE DUFF, based on the book by Kody Keplinger, but this is … Continue reading

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Sneaking into theaters without benefit of a press screening, MORTDECAI is a tragically unfunny attempt at lighthearted comedy. Based on the novel “Don’t Point that That Thing at Me” by … Continue reading

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Just Try to Resist PADDINGTON

There is a certain trepidation that accompanies any screening of a film released in January.  This is the graveyard of films that failed to meet studio expectations, but that for … Continue reading

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Nelly Tagar Delivers Anything but ZERO MOTIVATION

ZERO MOTIVATION is more than just a terrific movie, it has also generated a meme that went viral in Israel. And I was lucky enough to speak with the meme … Continue reading

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THE WORLD MADE STRAIGHT — David Burris Interview on PRX

When I spoke with David Burris on December 18, 2014, one of the things I most wanted to talk to him about was getting the accents right in THE WORLD … Continue reading

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