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John Dower Celebrates THE MYSTERY OF D.B. COOPER.

Click here to listen to the interview.

When I spoke with John Dower by zoom on November 20, 2020 about his intriguing documentary, THE MYSTERY OF D.B. COOPER, was that the story of the only unsolved American skyjacking was virtually unknown in Dower’s native Britain.

His documentary smartly focuses on the people who are invested in what has become the Cooper legend, from friends and family who are convinced that a loved one perpetrated the crime, to investigator who just can’t leave the story behind. We started the conversation with that revelation, and his approach to telling an oft-told tale (in America, at least).

We went on to talk about the wonderfully cinematic way he used flashbacks; casting an actor to play Cooper in them, and his reaction to my thinking one of the people in the film in the present kinda, sorta looks like Cooper.

We finished up with him musing on why this story have taken on mythic proportions, getting the impossible interview, and how he will be celebrating the 49th anniversar of Cooper’s leap into immortality.

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