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Binging Brett Haley

Caption: Katharine Ross & Brett Haley, 4/12/17, Credit: Andrea ChaseNo one more binge-worthy than Brett Haley, master of the optimistically bittersweet, and purveyor of such finely observed, wise, and heartfelt delights as HEARTS BEAT LOUD (Nick Offerman playing against type and crushing it with his subtle nuance),  THE HERO (Sam Elliott in his finest performance as an on-the-skids actor discovering unexpected gifts at the end of his career) and I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS (Blythe Danner in her first starring film eschewing expectations and cultural stereotypes as a widow facing a life of quiet desperation with more moxie than she thought she could muster). All three streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You’re welcome.

Catch up with Brett and Katherine Ross, co-star of THE HERO, here.  For my chat with Brett about I’ll SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS click here.


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