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You Bet They’re ASKING FOR IT



The word subversive gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to ASKING FOR IT, there is no better way to describe this very black and astringent comedy.  In it, Jenny, a milquetoast writer (Stephanie Hsu) coping with life with self-help audio and sheet-caking, has her world turned upside-down and inside-out when she attracts and then ticks off a cyberstalker. Revenge comes in the form of Jenny’s new roommate. Lisa (Irene Morales), a taciturn Goth who doesn’t want to make friends with Jenny, but does want to help her decimate the stalker. Suspenseful hilarity ensues.

It made its world premiere at Cinequest on March 7, with one more screening on March 8 before the film festival went on COVID-19 hiatus. Before then, though, I spoke to writer Becky Scott, director Amanda Lundquist, and Morales, who talked about why making this film was so cathartic.  Full interview coming later.   More info on the film, and where it is on the festival circuit, here.

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