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Getting to the BLOODROOT of the Matter.



Selma Miriam, Noel Furie, Douglas Tirola, San Francisco, CA 4/12/19

An unlikely location, an unconventional business plan, and an unswerving dedication to radical feminist politics. Bloodroot. vegetarian/vegan restaurant and  feminist bookstore, surprised everyone when it became success. Part of its celebration of feeding the body and the soul is the release of a documentary by the same name about its remarkable founders, Noel Furie and Selma Miriam, who are still going strong. When I spoke with them and director Douglas Tirola on Friday, April 12, the conversation was, of course, about food and politics. Part of Bloodroot’s mission was to provide a place that would attract the right people, and I wanted to know if, among the other surprises they’ve encountered over the years, what surprised them most about the people that made Bloodroot part of their lives.

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