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Jason Reitman, Challenging

YoungAdultJasonReitmanSizedIt seems like a very good time to look back on the conversations that I’ve had with Jason Reitman over the years. His newest, THE FRONT RUNNER, it now in wide-release, and it does several remarkable things while telling the story of Gary Hart’s fall from grace in 1987. Click on the link for the full reviews.

Reitman’s films have a wonderful way of challenging our preconceived notions, from our freedom of choice (tobacco-wise) in THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, to the unexpected pathos of a hot mess (played by Charlize Theron) in YOUNG ADULT (I >still< think Patton Oswalt was robbed by not getting nominated for an Oscar as the dweeb who has loved Theron’s character since high school). UP IN THE AIR dissected the American Dream with a decisive scalpel.

Click here for my interview with Reitman for THANK YOU FOR SMOKING.

Click here for my interview him him for YOUNG ADULT, and here for my chat with him about THANK YOU FOR SMOKING.


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