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The Better Life of Demián Bichir

Click here for the interview with Demián Bichir and Chris Weitz for A BETTER LIFE.


Demián Bichir & Chris Weitz

In 2003, the Mexican MTV Awards created a special category, Best Bichir in A Movie to acknowledge the fact that Demián Bichir’s family is a major force in that country’s entertainment industry.  Demian, btw, won for his performance in BENDITO INFIERNO. In this country, he was nominated for an Oscar™ for his performance in A BETTER LIFE as an undocumented gardener in Los Angeles trying to hold things together for him and his son (he lost to Jean Dujardin for THE ARTIST).  It was, like his work in general, superb. He is even good in his latest film, THE NUN, which is not. To balance, and to remind us of just how good Bichir is, I offer this interview from 2011 with him and director Chris Weitz about that film.

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