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GENERATION WEALTH’s Lauren Greenfield on The Inevitability of Trump


Lauren Greenfield, San Francisco, CA 4/4/18

In a variety of media, Lauren Greenfield has been documenting the culture of wealth for a quarter of a century. Her latest work has three components, including the documentary GENERATION WEALTH (the other two are a book and an art exhibit). All three trace the phenomenon to 1971, when the United States went off the gold standard, which Is also when the price of gold skyrocketed from $32 an ounce to an ever-fluctuating four figures. As with everything else in the film, it’s a cogent observation, illustrated by a variety of fascinating characters from all strata of economic classes. My full interview with her can be found here, but because of her perspective of contemplating consumer culture over the last 25 years, I wanted to highlight what she thought about why the 2016 presidential election went the way it did.




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