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Bye, George

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George A Romero, San Francisco, CA 5/10/10

It was May 13, 2010. I was sitting the lobby of the 4 Seasons hotel here in San Francisco, and I was so happy that I was almost in tears Why?  I was about to interview George Romero for SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD,

Yeah, I was >that< happy, and, no, I am almost never moved to tears of joy over interviews.

I had way too many questions for the man who single-handed re-invented the zombie genre, and Mr. Romero was only too happy to answer most of the ones I could squeeze in. The only one he wouldn’t answer directly was about whether or not the zombies in his horror universe were becoming self-aware.  Still, I could not have been more satisfied with the way the interview went, and now that’ he’s gone, I can’t think of a better time to revisit my chat with him.

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