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Why Frameline Matters

Last night at the closing night of Frameline 41, during the Q&A following the screening of After Louie – A Film by Vincent Gagliostro, a young man ran onto the stage. I snapped a picture, which I won’t post for privacy reasons, before I realized that the young man wasn’t part of the film, but he was part of the reason a film , and a film festival, like this that is important.  He was a teenager who had been beaten and kicked out of his home for being gay.

The staff of Frameline handled it with an amazing show of caution (for the audience’s safety), and compassion for what this young man was going through. At one point, he broke away from the people who had gotten him off the stage, and stood right next to me as he continued to shout about the emotional turmoil he was experiencing.

The Frameline employee who took charge put his arms around the young man in what was as much a bear hug as a form of restraint, all the while calmly reassuring him that they would get him help. Which they did, and in doing so demonstrated the community that exists to help in situations like that. Alan Cumming addressed what had just happened with some very moving words that I hope someone videoed and will post.

Frameline rocks. And cares.

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