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Farewell, Robert Osborne


Robert Osborne & Robert Wagner, San Francisco, CA 4/16/13

I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with TCM‘s Robert Osborne twice, and each time it was a learning experience from someone whose knowledge of movies was nothing less than phenomenal, and second only to his love for the art form.  A dapper gentleman with a sharply honed sense of humor and a courtly manner, each conversation was far too short considering all the questions I had, and the stories he had to tell.

The first interview was when he was in San Francisco to take part in the San Francisco Silent Film Festival with a screening of CAMILLE with Rudolph Valentino.  Not that the conversation, which included then TCM Senior VP of Programming & New Media, Charlie Tabesh. As I said at the time, it was the first time that I had included both Valentino and Jane Fonda in the same interview. You can listen to that interview from 2007 here.

The second time we talked, if was for a TCM screening of THE PINK PANTHER at the fabulous movie palace, the Castro Theater.  Robert Wagner was there, too, wearing a scintillating pink polo shirt. This time, prompted by my asking Wagner about his close encounter with D. W. Griffith, Osborne waxed philosophical about the circle film viewing has taken over the years,  as well as Charlie Chaplin and Blake Edwards. You can listen to that 2013 interview here.



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