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A Voice in the Night — The Friday the 13th Edition


MoneyMonsterPosterIs there a better way to ward off any putative bad mojo from Friday the 13th than by chatting with the divine Maureen Langan, host of Hangin’ with Langan on KGO-AM? I think not.  It’s even better when we get to talk movies, from the middling MONEY MONSTER (good performances, inert plot), to  a superhero movie that teaches critical thinking skills.  That would be CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR .  No, MeddlerPosterreally.My pick, though, is THE MEDDLER, with performance from Susan Sarandon that is one of the best of her career playing a recent widow who can’t do enough for everyone around her, and Rose Byrne as her daughter that wants her space.

There was also a preview of the 2016 SFIndie DocFest, which has a slate of docs ranging from the hard-hitting to the whimsical, as well as its annual Prince sing-along tribute, which is particularly poignant this year, a chance to sing-along with THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (starring Ms Sarandon) after a screening of ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE, and a chance to hurl invectives at THE PRINCIPLE, a doc that seriously claims that the sun revolves around the earth. The program is entitled Breaking Dumb. There will be moderators to help shepherd the invective, and a presentation by a scientist beforehand, for a quick refresher on why everything to follow is so very, very wrong. Yet another reason that DocFestis so very, very right.


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