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A Voice in the Night 10/4/15

With apologies for the delay in posting.  I was once again honored to join the divine Maureen Langan of San Francisco’s KGO-AM radio to talk films, including two winners at the Mill Valley Film Festival: a Sarah Silverman’s stunning, career-changing performance in I SMILE BACK, as well as why THE MARTIAN is everything you could want in a great time at the movies (full review here) and why TRUTH, about the journalistic brouhaha that brought down Dan Rather at CBS still matters (my filmmaker interview  with James Vanderbilt here), and the great delight Mo and I shared that 3 STILL STANDING is finally in theaters.

Will Durst, Johnny Steele, and Larry

Will Durst, Johnny Steele, and Larry “Bubbles” Brown.

My interview with the subjects, San Francisco stand-up legends Will Durst, Larry “Bubbles” Brown, and Johnny Steele is here. Warning, I spent most of the time laughing my head off. And you will, too.

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