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Jason Segel and James Ponsoldt Share Small Talk before Talking the Big Ideas in THE END OF THE TOUR

Jason Segel & James Ponsoldt

Jason Segel & James Ponsoldt

You never know what gem of an information nugget you will unearth when conducting an interview, or, as in the case of my chat with Jason Segel and James Ponsoldt, before the formal interview began while I was checking the sound levels on my recording equipment on May 2, 1015. I had spoken to Ponsoldt a few years ago for his sublime film, THE SPECTACULAR NOW, and during that set-up, he mentioned a place he like to stop for pie when driving between Los Angeles and San Francisco. I asked him what kind of pie he would be getting on his next drive, which led to a discussion about berries, which led to Segel revealing his extensive knowledge about the hybridization of same, and that when not acting, he’s a gentleman orange farmer.  It was too good not to share.  The full interview that followed can be found here.

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