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A Voice in the Day 8/5/15

Many thanks to ace KGO-Radio reporter Brian Pelletier for asking me to weigh in on the lack of diversity in Hollywood for his piece on said subject that aired today!  He was inspired by a study entitled “Want to Work in Hollywood? Only straight, white men need apply” by Gretchen Parker McCartney on the Annenberg School of Journalism website (click here for the excellent article).

It’s an issue that needs to be discussed often  and at length, and kudos to Brian for giving it a platform on the radio station with the biggest listening audience in the Bay Area.  Aside from basic issues of fairness, just think of all the great films and great performances that we will never get to see because women, people of color, and the LGBT, community are not able to tell their stories their way.Or stories for which, say, women are not considered as directors.  Imagine if Kathryn Bigelow hadn’t been able to get either THE HURT LOCKER (review here) or MIDNIGHT DARK THIRTY (review here) greenlit.  Imagine if all the other Kathryn Bigelows out there >could< get their films greenlit.

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