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Shalom Theodore Bikel

Theodore Bikel, San Francisco, CA 7/31/14

Theodore Bikel, San Francisco, CA 7/31/14

I was honored, and a little overwhelmed, to be given the opportunity to interview Theodore Bikel at last year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival the day after he was awarded that festival’s Freedom of Expression Award following a screening of IN THE SHOES OF SHOLOM ALEICHEM. Here was a man who, at 90, was still vibrant, witty, and a raconteur of the first order. When he died today at 91, all I could think was that, even at that age, it was too soon to say goodbye.

A refugee from Hitler’s Holocaust, a pioneer, actor (who performed the role of Tevye more than anyone), singer, director, passionate advocate for human rights, and a man of rare wisdom and insight, the world is a little darker for his leaving it, and a great deal brighter for his having been in it.

Click here to listen to my interview.

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