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A Voice in the Night 7/21/15

There are few things i enjoy more than joining the divine Maureen Langan on her KGO Radio show, Hangin’ with Langan to talk movies, the good, the bad and the ridiculous.  We covered most of those topics in this installment, during which we were joined by Mo’s former producer, and current ace KGO reported, Brian Pelletier, for a lively discussion of why we love the Sharknado series of SyFy. Mo continues her skepticism, but Bri-Bri and I will be watching this Wednesday as the eponymous Sharknado takes out Washington D.C. and most of the Eastern Seaboard. Mo remains unmoved by our enthusiasm.

We also talked Amy Schumer’s TRAINWRECK (review here), a smart satire that made me laugh out loud continuously; BOULEVARD (review here), Robin Williams last film in which he gives a moving performance in a problematical script; AMY, Asif Kapadia’s brilliant documentary about Amy Winehouse (listen to my interview here); as well as my personal tribute to Lee Grant, this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival Freedom of Expression Award honoree. And rightly so, aside from changing my world view with a bold move on Johnny Carson, she survived the Blacklist without ever naming names, won an Oscar(tm) for Warren Beatty’s SHAMPOO, and went on to become a respected director and author. For more information about the award event, click here  My interview with her posts tomorrow, so check back then!.

Lee Grant

Lee Grant

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