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BLACKBIRD Finally Soars

(l-r) Patrik-Ian Polk, Mo'Nique, Julian Walker

(l-r) Patrik-Ian Polk, Mo’Nique, Julian Walker

It’s about time that BLACKBIRD is finally being released. When I saw this film last year, I was nothing less than enchanted by the poetic way it dealt with tough issues of class, sexuality, and religion.  The performances are superb, the writing and directing is both sharp and compassionate, even for the most troubled characters.

Thank you Urban Movie Channel and its found, Robert L Johnson, for letting the world see what a treasure this film is. I can be seen on that cable channel, as well as in a few theaters around the country. For more info, click on that link in the last sentence.

Click on the link below to listen to the interview I did with star and co-executive producer Mo’Nique, co-star Julian Walker, and director Patrik-Ian Polk.

(11:46) BLACKBIRD — Mo’Nique, Patrik-Ian Polk and Julian Walker Interview.

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