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35th Annual Razzie Awards — John Wilson Interview

I learned a long time ago that it’s pretty much impossible not to get facetious with the founder and Head Berry of the Golden Raspberry Awards Foundation. John Wilson, author, raconteur, and bringer down of bloated egos, began his valuable public service 35 years ago, and through the years his righteous drubbing of all that is wrong with Hollywood has been a healing experience for those of us who have had to sit through the worst that comes out of the Dream Factory.  A man of puckish wit, and razor-sharp observations, Wilson through the years has cut the hubris inherent in the system down to size, and, on occasion, allowed the participants to come forward and address the Razzies voting membership during the annual awards show, always the day before the Oscars™ in a clever move that gives the world’s press there to cover the Little Golden Man something to do while waiting for >those< festivities to commence. For clips of Halle Berry accepting for CATWOMAN, and Sandra Bullock accepting for ALL ABOUT STEVE, click here.  And note that Bullock won her Oscar™ for Best Actress the following evening.

This year, the conversation with Wilson covered Nicolas Cage’s career nosedive, Kirk Cameron’s tussle between show biz ego and Christian humility, and why THE LEGEND OF HERCULES was this year’s perfect example Razzie flick.  And, yes, we included Adam Sandler’s latest effort, along with the decline in his box-office over the years before moving onto this year’s new category, Razzie Redeemer, presented by a singularly qualified individual, which pays tribute to past Razzie winners who have pulled themselves together and gone on to make worthy contributions to the art and craft of filmmaking. He also waxed eloquent on why BLAZING SADDLES is one of the most brilliant Hollywood films ever made, and why A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST is such a pale reflection, as well as a dud of a film.

Click here to listen to the interview (31:26) 35th Annual Razzie Awards — John Wilson Interview.

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