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Jon Stewart and DR. STRANGELOVE

Maziar Bahari, Jon Stewart, San Francisco, CA 10/22/14

Maziar Bahari, Jon Stewart, San Francisco, CA 10/22/14

It will be a few weeks before I can post my interview with Jon Stewart and journalist/author Maziar Bahari about ROSEWATER, the film Stewart directed from his adapatation of Bahari’s memoir of being imprisoned in Iran on bogus charges of being a spy. I can, however, say that the film is superb, and that one of the many things I liked about it was a brief but pointed shout-out to one of my favorite films of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s DR STRANGELOVE. I brought it up when talking to the two of them this week, and Stewart’s reasons for including a clip from the film turned into one of the finest precis I’ve ever heard about why Kubrick’s film is a classic of political science as well as cinema. Enjoy!

Update!  The full interview is now available here. Or, if you want just the excerpt, see below.

Click on the link to listen:

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