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Taking to the Airwaves

When I’m not seeing movies, writing about movies, editing audio interviews about movies, I can sometimes be found talking about movies with the Divine Maureen Langan on San Francisco’s ABC radio affiliate, KGO. It’s the midnight hour, and sometimes later, as I chat with Mo, who is also a firecracker of a stand-up comedienne, about small films that need love, the big films that get on my nerves, and the peculiar business of making movies in general. This week, I wanted to single out LAND HO!, a smart, poignant, and emotionally gratifying film set in Iceland (why not?) about growing old while still looking forward rather than back. I also wanted to share my reservations about LUCY (two words: rhino coitus), and wax rhapsodic about the Freedom of Expression Award being given to the legendary Theodore Bikel by the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival on July 31.

And because there is no point in even trying to pretend that I don’t love some good (cinematic) cheese, we finished up with a plug for the live tweeting event for the SYFY premiere on July 30 of SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE. Tim Sika of, Mo’s ace radio producer, Brian Pelletier, and I will be sharing our love on the twitterverse from opening shot to final credit. I refuse to apologize for loving this sort of thing. Sharks. Tornadoes. Chainsaws. What more do I need to say?  What more >could< I possibly say? Except #Sharknado2.

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