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THE BLING RING — Katie Chang and Israel Broussard talk glitz, glamor, and Paris Hilton’s Closet

THE BLING RING is a tale of insatiable greed, dumb luck, and the audacity of youth, and while Katie Chang and Israel Broussard have the audacity, they also have the smarts to make thier own luck. When I spoke to them on June 7, 2013, we may have been discussing shallow kids blinded by pop culture, but Chang and Broussard had some wonderfully perceptive observations about those characters and the culture that produced them. That didn’t stop them from being mightily impressed by one of the film’s locations, Paris Hilton’ closet.

As for the film, Chang and Broussard play Rebecca and Marc (as in Jacobs), she the queen of the fashionistas at their dumping ground of an L.A. high school, he the new kid on the block who knows the difference between Manolos and Miu Mius. Obsessed with pop culture, and bored with their lives of designer knock-offs the two stumble upon a brilliant plan to rob the rich and famous, who have more stuff than they can keep track of, and, if the pair and their pals are careful, will never notice that anything is missing. Of course they’re not careful, having been bitten by the demon of over and conspicuous consumption, not to mention not being able to keep from showing off their swag and bragging about it to their friends. Based on a true story, it is also the story of uninvolved parents who are convinced that they are, a materialistic society that worships a media that tells them to want more, and the hollowness celebrity culture. The film co-stars Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Claire Julien, and Leslie Man. It directed by Sofia Coppola from her own script based on the Nancy Jo Sales article in Vanity Fair entitled “The Suspect Wore Louboutins.”

Click on the link to listen to the interview (15:22) THE BLING RING — Katie Chang and Israel Broussard Interview.

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