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THE KINGS OF SUMMER — Moises Arias, Nick Robinson & Gabriel Basso Interview

When I spoke to Nick Robinson, Moises Arias, and Gabriel Basso on April 29, 2013, the three of them had been on their publicity tour for THE KINGS OF SUMMER for quite a while and they had developed an easy rapport. Sharing one mic, and riffing on my questions and each other, they dutifully answered questions about skinning rabbits on camera, creating backstories for their characters, and why one never makes eye-contact with co-star Nick Offerman. They were funny, smart, and fun.

As for the film itself, THE KINGS OF SUMMER is a coming of age film about running away from home, building a new one, and unnaturally large won tons.  Robinson plays Joe, a 15-year-old with iffy construction skills, an unrequited crush on the girl of his dreams, and a relationship with his father that makes them both miserable. After a particularly bad fight, Joe decides that the answer to his problems is to move out and into a house that he has constructed in a secluded part of the local Ohio woods with old pal Patrick, played by Basso, and new hanger-on Biaggio, played by Arias. Far from parental annoyance, they fulfill every kid’s fantasy of running away from home, with enough money to hit up the local Boston Market on a regular basis, and an idyllic summer becomes the one that forces them all to grow up. The film co-stars Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Allison Brie, Erin Moriarity, Mary Lynn Rajskub and a host of delightful cameos. It was directed by John-Vogt Roberts from a script by Chris Galleta. Arias speaks first, followed by Robinson and Basso.

Click on the link to listen to the interview (10:17) THE KINGS OF SUMMER — Moises Arias, Nick Robinson & Gabriel Basso Interview.

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