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The Ups and Downs of Jim Sturgess in UPSIDE DOWN.

UPSIDEDOWNPosterJim Sturgess doesn’t limit himself to one form of creative expression. A musician and an actor, he successfully combined the two in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, though us usually opts to keep the two callings separate. as in ONE DAY (co-starring Anne Hathaway) and CLOUD ATLAS, in which he played a variety of roles in all sorts of disguises.

When we spoke on March 6, 2013, and the picture below right was taken by me,  it was to discuss UPSIDE DOWN, the  romantic fantasy/adventure that traces the story of lovers who come, literally, from two different worlds, and can’t shake their respective home planet’s gravitational pull. The premise, whichJim Sturgess, San Francisco, CA 3/6/13 is as much a metaphor for racial strife, ethnic prejudice, and economic imperialism as it is a romance, obviously piqued Sturgess’ imagination, so much so that he was inspired to attempt his own stunts, some of which went wrong, though that didn’t stop the intrepid actor from carrying on. The conversation included the nifty technical tricks that the film’s director, Juan Diego Solanas, used to make people seem to walk on the ceiling, as well as Sturgess’ trick for keeping music and acting separated when necessary.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.   


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