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The Evolution of Ms. Lawrence

Debra Granik & Jennifer Lawrence, San Francisco, CA 4/30/10

Sometimes you can just tell.  An actress gives a startling performance after a fitful career of sit-coms and television guest shots. Such was the case with Kentucky native, Jennifer Lawrence, who gave a riveting performance in Oscar Arrias’ THE BURNING PLAIN, and then followed it up with her breakout, Oscar©-nominated, role of Ree in Debra Granik’s WINTER’S BONE. The  intensity of iron will coupled with the vulnerability of an adolescent ready, but not prepared, for the harsh truths of adulthood in a small Appalachian village, was nothing less than astounding in a performance that catapulted her into the big leagues. And rightly so. When she was cast as Katniss in THE HUNGER GAMES, no one who had seen her in WINTER’S BONE was surprised. In fact, there was a sense of not just rightness, but inevitability. Now that she has been nominated for her second Oscar©, it’s time to take a look, and listen, back to what she had to say about tackling the role in WINTER’S BONE that was both emotionally and physically challenging, and that changed her life.

To listen, click here (11:40)

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